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Katy Perry Halloween Costume ~ Tutorial

Katy Perry Halloween Costume ~ Tutorial

This costume was not originally made for Halloween. I was actually supposed to be going to a Katy Perry concert, but it got rescheduled and then canceled. I was so mad that Katy was teasing all of us here in Grand Rapids on whether or not she would actually be coming our way. Then it came down to her not showing up at all and I was left with this costume that I had no reason to even create other than for her concert. I spent so much time shopping for the dress and the shoes, and do not even get me started on trying to find some pink tights. You would think that it would have been easy, especially with me living right by two malls. I dragged my girls all over the place looking for pink freaking tights, and then spent a ridiculous amount on them once I found them and they really are not the color that I was going for but were close enough. Then there was the time I spent on gluing on all of the candy buttons to the shoes, priming and spray painting all of the sponge balls for my dress. At the end of it all I spent about 15 hours on it all and around $100. So I decided that even though I was not going to be able to strut my stuff for Miss Katy Perry I was going to at least get some photos of me fully decked out in my Katy Perry costume. And with Halloween being last week it was a perfect opportunity for me to get all dressed up.

If you are interested in how I did it keep reading to find my tutorial.

Katy Perry Candy Dot Dress

Katy Perry Candy Dot Shoes

* White Dress
* White Platform Shoes
* 34 Foam Balls ~ This really depends on the size of the dress and how close you put them together.
* 2 cans White Primer spray paint
* 1 can of spray paint in each color (pink, blue, yellow)
* 3 packages of candy dots (you can get these at Michael’s)
* Multi pack of super glue
* White thread
* Sewing needle
* Fabric marker

The candy dots on the dress are made from foam baseballs that I got from Michael’s and cut in half. I put two coats of primer on them and then spray painted them the necessary colors. I put three coats of color on the balls to get an even coating and to fill in any air holes from the paint soaking in. You could also use ball pit balls and cut those in half. If you do choose to use the ball pit balls make sure you get the spray paint that is meant to cover plastic. I did not think of using the ball pit balls until after I had already spray painted my foam balls. The plastic balls will be much lighter in the end but will require a little bit more work when sewing them to the dress.

After you have all of the balls painted and dried you are ready to put them on your dress. This next step is very important. Odds are you have a dress that is tight and stretches when you put it on, so you need to make sure that you have the dress on when you are drawing on the placement points of the balls onto your dress. If you do this when the dress is off you are going to have weird stretches in the dress, rows will not line up the same and if you are using the foam balls you risk them ripping off from extra tension. This is where having a fabric pen comes in handy. You can get them at any craft store and the marks come off with water. Put your dress on and make your first circle. You want to make sure that you make a circle all the way around so that you know how much to adjust the fabric when sewing the candy dots on. You can sew the dots on how ever you would like, I only did four stitches at four points and it worked well for me. If you want a more secure attachment you could sew all the way around. If you use the plastic ball pit balls you will need to punch holes along the edge of the ball to sew them on. Something to keep in mind with the foam balls is that the paint will crack if you stress the balls to much. I suggest making all the ball placement outlines for the front all at once and then to the back. This way you are taking the dress on and off minimal amount of times and reduce the stress on the balls. You will also want to make sure you leave yourself enough time to sew on the entire front or the entire back after making your marks. THe pen will start to fade after an extended period of time. Once you have all the balls sewn on you may need to spray some extra paint onto a paper plate and hand paint any cracks that have formed.

The shoes are super simple, just very time-consuming. Before I glued them on to the shoes I sprayed a couple of layers of polyurethane on the candy dots to protect them from any liquids. The next step is to figure out your placement and pattern of colors and start super gluing them to the shoe.

Sorry that I don’t have any progress shots, I had no intentions of doing a tutorial when I started this crazy project. I posted about the dress about a month ago on my other blog Breaking Into Beauty and I got a few emails from ladies wanting to recreate it for their Halloween costumes. I know Halloween is over but there is always next year.